Jamie McMillan: Hamilton, Ontario

Founder, Ambassador

Growing up Jamie wasn’t aware of the vast opportunity in the construction industry. She wanted to be a miner like her father but was discouraged by its absence of women. She followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a health care professional. Jamie spent years working in health care facilities, homecare, and bartending/serving at restaurants and pubs.

Discovering the trades changed her career path and gave her a feeling of self-worth and empowerment. Jamie became fascinated and intrigued by her desire to learn to create with steel and figure out ways to put it all together with cranes, rigging, bolts, and welds. She loved the physical challenges, being one of the crew, and seeing the results of the work everyone did together knowing it would stand there for years to come.  She knew there had to be others out other who would love to find a job that made them happy. Since then she has become extremely passionate about encouraging others to seek out similar pathways.

Pat Williams, AKA. Mighty Mouse: Los Angeles, California

Co-Founder, Ambassador

Pat began in the trades in 1979 after earning a B.A. degree and becoming
 a social worker. Her dual interests in advocating for people and mechanical, hands-on work served her well. During her 32 years as a stationary operating engineer, she held many leadership positions in her profession and community. As a retiree, Pat continued working in trades’ advocacy and became involved with newly forming tradeswomen’s organizations. Pat co-founded the Tradeswomen’s Archive at California State University in Dominquez Hills and currently represents the construction industry on the Los Angeles Disabled Access Appeals Commission.

Penny Estey: Windsor, ON


Penny is a Red Seal Journey woman Ironworker/Welder based out of Windsor, Ontario. She began working in construction in her 20’s as a Sider’s Helper and moved her way up to Operations Manager over the course of 7 years, followed by operating her own siding installation business for 2 years. Wanting a change at 32 and eager to learn welding ornamental pieces, she joined the Ironworkers union as an apprentice in 2007 and has worked across Canada on various work sites and projects. Penny is now involved in mentoring as well as ironworking.

Myste Loewen: Edmonton, Alberta


Myste started her career as a welder in the spring of 2000 and went on to join the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Lodge 146 in the summer of 2004. She is currently the first female  Business Representative of the Boilermakers in Canada. Throughout her career she has taken advancement and education very seriously and upgrading her skills to become a Red Seal Endorsed  Journeyman Welder, Alberta B-Pressure welder, a welding instructor and branched into inspections currently holding a CWB Level 1 inspections certificate. Myste is also involved with Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry training as Presiding Officer of the Welder Local Apprenticeship Committee (LAC) and also sits on the Welder Provincial Apprenticeship Committee (PAC). Myste has a strong interest in increasing female involvement in the trades.

Pauline: Guelph, Ontario


When Pauline was little she wanted to be in the military. In 2009 while in high school she met a tech teacher that educated her about alternate careers pathways in skilled trades. Pauline began taking tech classes and dual credit programs. In grade 11 she signed up for the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program. One month later after a highly anticipated, stressful wait she over the moon excited when she was accepted into the electrical program. In grade 12 Pauline started her electrical journey through a co-op class. The following day after she graduated in 2013 she immediately began her apprenticeship working in machinery and automation. Currently Pauline is working for Hydro One as a 4th year High Voltage Electrical Apprentice through Canadian Union of Skilled Workers.  Pauline loves her job and being a part of KickAss careers as an ambassador. Pauline has been going to school and events talking about her passion, being in the trades and all the great opportunities in MITC pathways. She found her dream job and wants others to know they can too.

Bailey McKendrick AKA. McStocked: Lindsay, Ontario


Bailey’s fascination with fusing materials together started in her high school auto shop class. There was something about manipulating metal that stuck with her. After three years of studying fine art in university she changed her career focus and enrolled in Fleming College’s Welding Techniques program. Since then she has taken every opportunity to explore and learn about her craft. Her dedication and drive has provided her with some fantastic and challenging opportunities building everything from steel bridges to large farming equipment.

Bailey also recognizes the responsibility she has as a woman in one of several male dominated trades and loves being an ambassador for the trades. Bailey hopes that one day she can inspire students to pursue MITC careers like her mentors did for her.

Kate Moffat


As a child Kate wanted to be a doctor, a nurse or teacher. By high school Kate focused all her studies towards becoming a doctor. That changed in grade 10 when she attended a “Women In Uniform” conference. After being exposed to underrepresented pathways Kate became interested in possibilities. By grade 11 she completed all the academic prerequisites to attend the universities and colleges of her choice. In grade 12 Kate curiosity to signed up for two full day co-ops in millwrighting and construction while completing her diploma requirements through correspondence. Her co-op provided the experience of a lifetime and she loved learning something new every day. Currently, Kate is studying Civil Engineering Technology. During the summer she will be working as a student with Trans Northern Pipeline. When she completes College she plans to she plans to continue her journey to become a Journeyman Millwright. Kate loves working in the field and being part of Kickass Careers as the youngest Ambassador. She hopes to inspire many young people to explore MITC pathways.

Jonathan White: St. Catharines, On


From playing football and rowing to meeting people and making great friends, high school proved to be an incredibly enjoyable time in Jonathan’s life. During grade 10 he decided he wanted to become a Boilermaker and signed up for all the Industrial Arts & Technology courses offered at his school.

Jonathan completed the Welder Fitter program at Conestoga College and subsequently took employment in a fabrication shop performing structural plate fitting. Throughout this time he was continually looking for an opportunity to begin his apprenticeship in the Boilermaker trade. In 1998 he was accepted into an apprenticeship and it was at this point that Jonathan transitioned from having what he considered to be a job within the trades to the start of a career as a Red Seal Boilermaker.

In 2008, he joined the Boilermakers National Training Trust Fund where he now serves as the National Training Coordinator. Jonathan sits as a Trade Board Member with the Ontario College of Trades and as a Trustee on the Boilermaker Apprenticeship and Training Trust Fund for Ontario.

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